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The Gripster Original

The Gripster Original has been replaced by The Gripster 3.0! Click here to see The Gripster 3.0

The Gripster™ was developed by climbers for climbers. This awesome new tool will help you strengthen your fingers and improve your climbing fast.

Here are some things you will love about The Gripster™:

  • Train grip strength faster
  • Many grip variations to recruit various muscle groups
  • Train more climbing specific muscles by training on a dynamic movement as opposed to static grip
The Gripster

The Gripster™ was built for climbers by climbers. Train harder and develop grip strength fast without the risk of injury. The Gripster™ utilizes similar principles to a hangboard without risking injury to unconditioned pulleys and tendons. With The Gripster™ you replicate hangboard training with the benefit of creating a methodical training regiment working increments of weight and slowly increasing over time. You don't need to hang on a hangboard while standing on a block or timing short increments and reps.

  • New and Improved Design with 5 awesome colors
  • Innovative, portable training device
  • independent unit with fixed single point suspension; allows for rotation of joints for injury prevention
  • The master is CNC milled for perfect symmetry
  • Extra grippy texture
  • Sloper on top, vertical 2 finger and thumb pinch, thin pinch, wide pinch and 4 different sized finger ledges make this training device an extremely versatile tool
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