The Gripster 2.0 has been released. I'm super psyched on this new version. It's been quite a journey! Many folks over on the Reddit climbharder thread have mentioned various suggestions and improvements and I've tried to incorporate these into the new version. I've been wanted to update The Gripster for a while now but wasn't planning on reshaping it much for some time. I had recently just spent quite a bit of time on working out how to make improvements on the texture. I retextured it and made new molds, then some folk said that this version was too rough on the skin.

I have now made the edge sizes standard. Or standardized to the current consensus on r/climbharder.Edges are 22mm, 18mm, 14mm and 10mm. All the edges have an incut of 15 degrees. See this image

The Gripster 2.0 edges sizes I was dreading the idea of reshaping because getting access to the CNC mill then cutting, shaping and molding foam is a lot of work and gets super expensive real fast.

I’d just done the new texture and was happily pouring Gripsters. But then disaster struck! My only mold tore. I was planning on making another mold just the same, but then I started thinking about all the suggestions people are making on Reddit and since the silicone for 1 mold costs about $200 and it’s 2 days work (If nothing goes wrong) to get it just right, I wanted to make the best mold I could. Originally I didn't think I could make any changes at all as I don't have access to a CNC router anymore, but then I started thinking about it a lot and began to realise there was a way to make some minor changes with my existing tools without a huge expense, even though it’s taken me around 10 days of work plus one not so good mold ($200 of silicone down the tube there) to get it just right.

So I started and began to figure it out, I also needed to make some changes to my molding method and find a way to get the molds to last longer. I really didn't like the seam either. Having texture at the seam creates registration issues and since it's textured it degrades really quickly and eventually bits rip off and the seam gets worse and worse.

If it wasn't for my other mold ripping I wouldn't have made these changes at all, well not now at least.

If you recently purchased The Gripster 1 I’m sorry if you're disappointed that you missed out on The Gripster 2.0, but unfortunately it's just part of the process of evolution. I couldn't let the fact that some people had just bought one of my products become a reason not to improve the product for future customers. I’m learning more about how to make these molds better and better every time I make one. I'm sure many people have the very same conflict when new phones come out, or new versions of software are released and so forth. It's the same with medicine too, people get sick or die from diseases and then they find a cure or vaccine and have to think about the people they could have saved if they just found it a few years ago. Or the shark proof wetsuit!! This things amazing and I often think about all those folks who got bitten while surfing. Could have been avoided. Anyway, I digress.

If you did purchase The Gripster 1 and now think you would like to get your hands on The Gripster 2.0 let me know. If I have any seconds in The Gripster 2.0 I will release those for cheaper. Sometimes there are minor defects that affect the aesthetics but not the overall functionality and those will be marked down and made available to prior customers. Email me through the contact page and I will put your name on the seconds list and send them out as I get then.

Right now I’m not planning on releasing anything like The Gripster 3.0 for another 6 months to a year unless sales pick up dramatically or I get funding to scale up production. I’m actively seeking funding right now but until that happens I need to sell a bunch of Gripsters and start covering some of the costs I’ve incurred up till this point.

Thanks to all my valued customers for supporting The Gripster!

Here are the current colors

The Gripster 2.0 colors

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