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No hangs on The Gripster

The Gripster was developed by Mike White. Mike is psyched to share this awesome training tool with all the climbers out there who want to find new ways of training for climbing. We will continue to develop more training tools and are currently working on some other exciting ideas.

All our products are hand made in the USA.

The Gripster is a small business owned and operated by Mike White in Berkeley California and is dedicated to developing and providing training tools for climbers. In 2009 Mike began toying with the idea of something like a portable hangboard that could be mounted on cable pulley machines, used to pick weights up off the ground (later to be known as no hangs) or connected to rubber straps for resistance training while also recruiting finger strength.

At first it was just a simple device that Mike brought to his local climbing gym and experimented with different amounts of weight but when other climbers saw it they wanted one as well. So Mike began making some changes to it was more of an actual product that he could sell.

In 2012 he got it to what he thought was something he was willing to sell to end users as an actual product and began the process of submitting patent applications and marketing it as a product.

The Gripster 3.0

In 2013 he applied for a patent and created an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign that sold hundreds of units. And from there The Gripster has grown and evolved.

1n 2016 The Gripster was updated to incorporate some changes recommended by some no hang enthusiasts on the reddit r/climbharder thread. The edge sizes were changed and the texture was updated.

Then in 2017 we began working with a climbing hold company and needed to make some slight changes to the shape to optimize fabrication so the edges and texture were updated again and The Gripster 3 was released.

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